Getting crashplan working on Lubuntu

Update inotify Watchers

This is basically copied from the Crashplan website:

CrashPlan on Linux depends on the inotify kernel module to know when files are added or edited in real-time. Is the inotify kernel module installed? If not, you'll need to install it. If inotify is installed, you may need to increase the number of watches that can be created.

The inotify module is govered by a property called max_user_watches. If you attempt to exceed the max number you'll get the following error in the engine_error.log (but the process lives on).

inotify_add_watch: No space left on device

Any file not covered by a watch does not have real-time backup protection. Incidentally a “watch” could be a file, directory or any other filesystem element. A given watch can catch multiple types of events or just 1, so how efficient the watch creation is depends on the library used. The bad news is that the max number by default is 8192, which is pretty darned low for our customers running clients with a 100k backup file selection.

Updating the Watch Value